Who We Are

Thirty years’ experience in automation, system design and integration

A Bit About Us

Based in the Channel Islands, we service the whole of the UK and beyond.

We design and develop secure, environments that are technological, yet simple and welcoming to the end user.

From full automation and integration to professional-audio sound systems creating unique environments that make spaces feel superior. From basic videoconferencing setups, to a project that provides a multinational communication through a strong and secure infrastructure and that gives every member of staff the ability to communicate effectively.

We provide a standardised approach to you the user of the technology, and one that integrates all solutions whether it is an AV system to a Buildings Lighting Management Systems.

Diversity of Projects and Manufacturers

Our understanding and ability to use many manufacturers products to best fit its proposed purpose makes us different. We have the support and pass that of the manufacturer to you the user. You can be confident that what we supply we back up with the full commitment by the manufacture to the highest possible quality and service.

We have delivered a very wide variety of projects for a very diverse client base, and this breadth and depth of experience means we can deliver the right AV solutions, whether the requirement is a relatively standard sound systems installation, or a more unusual integrated solution with bespoke design. We genuinely cherish projects where there are some major challenges to overcome, be that because of an acoustically difficult space, a requirement for a multi-purpose highly flexible venue, or a client’s desire to create something truly innovative.

Experienced and committed to customer service

At SDS we have over 30 years’ experience in Automation, system design and integration. We have many industry links and access to a very high standard of products and equipment. We pride ourselves in offering a service and solution that sets us apart from anyone else. We believe in placing the Customer first and supplying a range of products to meet any requirement.

We believe in a customer driven solution, not one that is led by the supplier or manufacturer.  Sometimes all these options can be overwhelming, but we’re here to help you narrow down the choices to arrive at the solution that’s right for you

If you have a preferred Electrician who you trust or have used for years, then we will work with them to allow them to install the system. We will give support, Guidance and instructions so they can manage the installation and allow us to assist in the commissioning. We are here to work with you, to enable you to have peace of mind that all is under safe control and that you know what your getting along the journey to a smart digital system.

Our management and dedication to supply quality systems and services is our bond. We have three principles of business.

1. Connect

We will communicate and connect with you to deliver what you want. Not what we think you need.  We work as one, to deliver the best in both quality and service.

2. Control

We will Design and structure the control system for you. We will control the design, we will control the delivery and we will control the installation and commissioning.

3. Conserve

We will create a designed system that not only delivers in its ability to operate but also in its ability to conserve the world we live in.