Videowalls & Digital Displays

Ultra high-definition supersize video displays

Often seen in major showrooms you will immediately see an innovative visual display system using the latest available technology.

Because these supersized or linked screens display so effectively, they immediately draw the customers eyes to what’s on offer. so many customers.

Large and supersized digital displays are an excellent way to add impact and presence to any space. Even in business environments they can make reception areas stand out.

Once, a video display simply meant installing a few standard flat screen monitors or televisions onto a wall. Now the technology is so advanced and cheaply available that having fixed displays of many meters in width is possible and the use of Projection and transparent screens with touch screen technology are making displays much more interactive.

Transparent screen technology and rear glass projection systems will turn your plain retail frontage into your largest sales medium possible. The latest technologies we can supply will evolve your glass and windows into video displays which will enhance your retail customers experience.

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