Hearing Systems

Designing the best solutions available to the specifics of your premises

Making the world we live in and accessible to all is now a fundamental part of life.

All public buildings from shops and banks to waiting rooms, auditoriums, sports stadia, conference rooms, hospitals, Surgeries, museums, theatres, and houses of worship should have facilities in place for those who have hearing related problems.

We are experienced in designing and managing the best solutions available to the specifics of the premises. Systems are primarily designed for two main types: Wired induction loops and InfraRed systems.

Induction Loops use an installed loop of cabling which generates a signal that is picked up by most standard hearing aids.

Infra Red is where the audio is fed into an InfraRed transmitter and the audio is picked up by special InfraRed receivers, one of which is provided to each hard-of-hearing person.

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