Your Environmental Impact

As the people of the Earth look at ways to minimize their carbon footprint and reduce energy bills, we will design your systems to help as much as possible to create Eco Smart Systems.

For example, we can design and implement lighting systems to ensure the lights are of when no one is at home.

Some of the ways we regularly achieve this include:

  • Scheduling automatic power shut-downs switching off AV equipment at the end of the day.
  • A helpful ‘one button’ shutdown for an entire building lighting.
  • Systems energy monitoring that allows both real-time and historical analysis of your energy usage and enables you to visualise how energy is used across a given period of time, allowing you to identify unnecessary wastage and expenditure.
  • Adaptive scheduling that will allow you to configure and let the system optimise your Heating and cooling with control of the HVAC system.
  • Setting a pre-defined lighting schedule.

Sounds like we can help?