Bespoke Complementary Solutions

Innovative and Evocative Furniture

Any Living space needs the appropriate furniture to match their appliance. At Smart Digital systems we have looked and found what we believe to be innovative and evocative furniture to match the elegance of modern technology.

Here at SDS we have teamed up with Collection – C to deliver an unmatched solution.  They are an innovative and dynamic furniture company that is based in Weimar, the birthplace of the Bauhaus style.

Collection C generate the inspiration for that special something in their furniture creations. With their passion for discerning living, they offer furniture that satisfies contemporary requirements and offers modern designs with durability and of the highest quality. To achieve this, they co-operate with a competent and efficient production partner in East Westphalia.

Their choice of the best materials is combined with skilled craftsmanship and the highest technical standards in industrial series manufacture and transformed into exceptional furniture. Since 2013, they have been license partners of the “LEONARDO living” furnishings brand in the areas of conventional living, young living and hallway.

Collection-C have their heart in that of the Bauhaus style and their dedication to provide innovative furniture make them stand out from the crowd.

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