What we can do to improve your environment

Digital Signage

With the latest development LED technology the ability to deliver ultra high definition visual advertising has become cost effective in all areas.

Zoned Audio Systems

The music source can be located locally or in one central location. The Audio server can even be used for streaming media.


Videoconferencing is an increasingly utilised part of modern business life, with the ability to save on the time and travel expense.

Voice Alarm, Public Address & Paging Systems

Whether your require a simple recorded voice alarm system, or a fully automated and zoned audio system, we can design the solution for you.

Bespoke AV Furniture

When the client has exacting aesthetic preferences, it comes down to having designers and fabricator craftsmen to build that which cannot be brought.

Lighting Control

A building or area can be enhanced if it has a well designed lighting control system to set the scene, with a push button or remote app on your phone or tablet.

Presentation Systems

Having the most effective presentation systems in your business is important to allow your staff to communicate clearly and effectively.

Interactive Whiteboards

Make the move from your old conventional flip-chart, whiteboard and ‘Powerpoint’ presentation to the latest interactive ‘SMART boards’

Wireless Connect

A feature that proves very popular in business and residential applications is the ability to connect your device and play at any time in any place.

Home Cinema and Audio Visual Design

Everyone enjoys a trip to the Cinema. Now, with our help you can make that trip even shorter by transforming an existing lounge or room into your own personal Cinema.

Videowalls & Digital Displays

Often seen in major showrooms you will immediately see an innovative visual display system using the latest available technology.

Projection Systems

Projection systems are the most cost-effective way of delivering the large image sizes.

Hearing Systems

Making the world we live in and accessible to all is now a fundamental part of life.


As the people of the Earth look at ways to minimize their carbon footprint, we will design your Eco Smart Systems.

Bespoke Complementary Solutions

Any Living space needs the appropriate furniture to match their appliance. We have found innovative and evocative furniture to match the elegance of modern technology.