Control everything at the touch of a button

Your Home Is your Castle, Fill it with Love, Music and Video.

Keeping it simple is key.  We use the very latest state of the art technology to put you in control of every aspect of your home, including lighting, audio, TV’s, heating, blinds and curtains.

Working with you the home owner and your chosen builders, architects, M & E consultants and developers we will create the very latest innovative system to bring together products from our many different manufacturers to enhance your environment and lifestyle.

We will supply full designs and specifications, installation and commissioning, from one room to the complete house.

We design our systems to blend seamlessly with your home or lifestyle no matter how old or new your home is.  You control Lighting, Heating, Audio, Video and Automation from a switch or Smart device.

We are Lutron and Crestron Certified Suppliers, Designers and Commissioning engineers.

Relevant Services

Your home or garden can be enhanced if it has a well designed lighting control system to set the scene, with a push button or remote app on your phone or tablet.

A feature that proves very popular in business and residential applications is the ability to connect your device and play at any time in any place.

With our latest projection systems that provide a cost-effective solution to delivering clear, super-sized images, you can immerse yourself in a cinema like experience in the comfort of your own home.

Some rooms require that extra punch and wow factor. We can tailor make specialist features for your walls and ceilings. Incorporating the latest Projection systems and Fibre optic lighting will adapt to any shape, size or style.

We all understand our responsibilities towards the planet, as do our customers. Which is why our systems are fully eco-friendly, from self-aware lighting systems that monitor the rooms they illuminate, to helpful ‘one-button’ shutdown systems that work across entire buildings.

Create an immersive atmosphere within your house with zoned audio systems. And with our elegant control systems tailored just for you, managing even the most complex network is child’s-play.

When off the shelf furniture does match the required solution and the client has exacting aesthetic preferences, it comes down to having designers and fabricator craftsmen to build that which cannot be brought.

Any Living space needs the appropriate furniture to match their appliance. At Smart Digital systems we have looked and found what we believe to be innovative and evocative furniture to match the elegance of modern technology.

Sounds like we can help?