Solutions to enhance your marine life

From LED lighting and space saving raise and lower platforms for TV’s and stands we can design and supply systems to enhance your marine life.

AV systems can be designed to fit any space and from the smallest cuddy to the largest super Yacht.

Relevant Services

SDS bespoke AV furniture doesn’t just add a touch of luxury to your vessel. Our skilled craftsmen and women make use of every inch of available space, regardless of shape or size.

Our eco friendly systems use less power without compromising on performance, meaning that you pass on the thrill and beauty of the ocean to your children.

Getting away from it all needn’t mean isolating yourself. Our videoconferencing solutions include everything from displays to microphones and room cameras, meaning that you can always check back in if you need to.

Communicating information quickly and efficiently to your passengers and crew can make all the difference at sea. Our voice alarm, PA and paging systems ensure communication is quick, clear and efficient, whatever the weather.

Safety is paramount on any vessel. Our wired induction loops and InfraRed hearing systems keep all of your passengers and crew connected at all times.

Don’t get lost in a sea of wires. Your time away is precious, which is why our wireless connect systems ensure that your passengers connect to your vessel’s AV system quickly and easily.

Sounds like we can help?