Welcoming environments with impact

The first area a customer sees following the entrance is normally the reception and foyer, we can enhance these and the remaining areas so it gives that bright friendly and welcoming presentation your business needs.

Lighting plays the most significant part in the whole experience, and can make a area transform into so many different creative styles. Have a lighting design that adapts to the time of day without harsh sudden changes.

External Lighting is unusually the least creative yet can transform a building from a cold box to a welcoming and beautiful piece of architecture. Enhance the aspect of the building that defines it, illuminate the trees and grounds in subtle yet vibrant colour, light can not just make something bright it can in the correct way add colour and texture.

Background music systems in Bars and restaurants enhanced with Video walls displaying the latest sporting event, make the customers environment as clean and crisp as it can with systems that can evolve and develop as you business grows.

From the full width High Definition Video wall to Professional Ultra High definition screens and projection devices we can tailor make a system that best fits the location.

Menu displays and special display board now come in a variety of of styles and types from Ultra High Definition video walls to the latest Transparent screens and LED system.

Local attraction interactive displays can add a welcoming addition to a foyer were guests can explore the surroundings.

Remember that your ceiling is now capable of delivering a new aspect to the whole entertainment experience and becomes a location to display advertising and video’s using the latest high tech display devices. Never before has such an unused space become such a valuable area.

Relevant Services

Give your guests memories that will stay with them for a lifetime. From reception desks to specialised units housing automatic monitors that rise up, our bespoke AV furniture adds a touch of luxury at a surprisingly affordable price.

Guests are more eco-conscious than ever. With our smart technology, you can be confident that as well as saving money, you are saving the local environment for generations to come.

From a single screen located in your reception to spectacular interactive local attraction displays in your foyer, our digital signage makes a welcoming addition to any space.

Whether training staff or entertaining your guests, our discreet projection systems deliver exceptionally clear, crisp, supersize images at a cost-effective rate.

Business clients demand the very best in videoconferencing, and our bespoke systems deliver a truly world-class experience. Offer your guests the complete package, including displays, microphones and room cameras that accommodate any device.

With hundreds of guests bringing their own mobile, tablet or electronic device with them, it is crucial that your business accommodates them all. Our wireless systems make connection a breeze, meaning you can get back to what really matters.

Exceptional guests deserve exceptional treatment. Guarantee accessibility to your full range of services with our advanced wired induction loops and InfraRed technology.

From special messages to safety announcements, our voice alarm, PA and paging systems take the headache out of hospitality logistics.

Add impact and presence to your reception area, or advertise the chef’s latest special dish on an ultra-high definition videowall. SDS specialise in innovative digital display solutions that benefit any environment.

Nothing creates the right ambience like the right soundtrack. Let our audio engineers help you instantly channel crystal-clear audio anywhere at the touch of a button.

Sounds like we can help?