Innovative solutions for bars, restaurants and clubs

From background music systems in Bars and restaurants to Video walls displaying the latest sporting event, make the customers environment as clean and crisp as it can with systems that can evolve and develop as you business grows.

From the full width High Definition Video wall to Professional Ultra High definition screens and projection devices we can tailor make a system that best fits the location.

Menu displays and special display board now come in a variety of of styles and types from Ultra High Definition video walls to the latest Transparent screens and LED system.

Remember that your ceiling is now capable of delivering a new aspect to the whole entertainment experience and becomes a location to display advertising and video’s using the latest high tech display devices. Never before has such an unused space become such a valuable area.

Lighting plays the most significant part in the whole experience, and can make a area transform into so many different creative styles. Have a lighting design that adapts to the time of day without harsh sudden changes. Have lighting respond to the occupancy and required level of illumination with remote control.

Relevant Services

Transport your audience to another world with our sleek, majestic displays that come at a surprisingly low cost. From linked screens to supersize displays, add some wonder into your performance.

Let your content take centre stage – not the projection box. Using the latest laser technology, our discreet projection systems deliver large, vivid, immersive images at a fraction of the cost generated by traditional lamps.

Don’t let the simplicity of our devices fool you; they put a lot of power beneath your fingertips. Delivering strong video and crystal clear audio, our presentation systems will make your event remembered in years to come.

Our hearing systems ensure that everyone is included in the magic of modern entertainment. Catering for both wired induction loops and InfraRed devices, our technology delivers a fully immersive experience that can be shared by your entire audience.

Our systems are configured to save energy at every opportunity, from low-powered laser projectors to AV equipment that shuts itself down automatically when not being used. World-class entertainment doesn’t have to cost the Earth.

Our designers and fabricator craftsmen have the skills and ability to realise the creations that will meet your exacting requirements. Space-saving and stylish, SDS AV furniture transcends your audience to the next level.

Target audio zones with laser accuracy. Immerse your audience in an auditory experience like no other. And all completely customisable for any space.

Gone are the days when everything had to be run from a single unit. Our entertainment systems can accommodate input from a spectrum of devices so that everyone can take part in the big event.

From festivals to family fun days, from bars to beach parties, our PAs, Paging Systems and Voice Alarms will see to it that your event runs smoothly. All our systems meet rigorous British Standards so that you can concentrate on the entertainment.

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