The very latest in interactive teaching

Teaching is no longer the realm of blackboards and chalk.

We can supply the very latest in interactive teaching systems which includes BYOD “Bring your own device” technology. Teaching can be more interactive and informative with the use of touch screens and video

Bring Board room technology into the education world and enhance the whole experience.

Relevant Services

Connect the classroom. Ditch the chalkboard for the latest interactive whiteboard technology and make your students excited about learning again.

Invite everyone to the lesson with our wireless connect technology. Connect your student’s mobile phones, tablets and laptops to the network and encourage participation throughout the classroom.

Ensure all your students receive the outstanding education they deserve. Our wired induction loops and InfraRed technology let your educators inspire the next generation.

Give your students the world they are entitled to with our eco-friendly, smart technology. From automatic power shut-downs switching off AV equipment at the end of the day, to classrooms that are aware of their occupants, our smart technology means your educational centre will protect the environment it teaches about.

Help your staff deliver outstanding, innovative lessons that inspire their students for a lifetime. Our presentation systems combine beautiful visuals with stunning audio, and accommodate a whole range of devices with ease.

Our projectors use the latest laser technology to deliver huge, ultra high-definition images in less than five seconds from startup. And with discreet units that sit quietly out of view, your students can focus on the lesson at hand.

Communicating information quickly and efficiently to your students and staff is crucial in education. Our voice alarm, PA and paging systems make site-wide communication easy and efficient.

With more and more students learning online, our videoconferencing systems help your staff share their knowledge beyond the classroom. Let our technicians design a system that meets your needs with displays, microphones and room cameras that accommodate any device.

Sounds like we can help?