Our Ethos and Values

What makes us different

The customers always come first

We will allow our customers to guide us with the type and size of system they want or desire. We will help our customer understand the latest technologies as well as help them in deciding what is best for them. Whatever the budget whatever the size, we will ensure that systems are future-ready and meet all requirements.

The quality is in the detail

We take pride in every detail of a project and treat each as individual and unique designs. Working at every stage with the customer whoever they may be. To some it may be small but to us the quality is defiantly in the detail we supply.

Working together is the only way

From the initial discussion to the final commissioning we will ensure that all requirements are identified and ensure you are well placed to make an informed decision.

We will ensure that the whole team from Client, to builder and interior designers work symbiotically as one until completion; this is the only way to work in any situation.

Health and safety is paramount in any situation

Our customers entrust us and expects us to work with extreme professionalism at every stage of the process, this is even more critical when it comes to health & safety standards, we must all protect each other and those around us. We have rigorous health and safety checks and processes, in place and in line with current government and legal regulations.

Clear concise instructions and designs

We clearly set out in writing the features & functionality of the proposed systems and we provide a detailed scope of works. We always try and avoid technical jargon when communicating with our clients. All our designs and systems will have at its heart the environment and conservation of both Energy and money.

The proof is in the pudding

We care about the result & the client’s future interaction with the solutions we’ve designed and commissioned. We believe that a system should be able to develop with the customer and grow as a family grows. Our clients’ satisfaction is important and from day 1 till the handover we will ensure you are completely satisfied.

Eco Smart in Life

Being Eco Smart in life is a concept that we feel is fundamental to how we do and run business. We must work with the customer at every stage to ensure the systems and devices are not only friendly to use but are kind to the environment. Each system will have part of its design tailored to saving energy and this will be highlighted upon submission.